Classroom Life



Our classroom brings a diverse representation of the world through our East Charlotte community. We have families from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Venezuela, Burma, Congo, Kenya, Italy, and Canada. Our sliding scale for tuition provides socioeconomic diversity as well.

Student Learning



Our teachers are trained to implement the Creative Curriculum for Preschool,  which helps teachers build children’s confidence, creativity, critical thinking skills, and promote positive outcomes. 

Dual Language


We offer instruction in English and Spanish. Instruction is taught in English three days a week (M/W/F) and Spanish two days a week (T/Th). Two bilingual teachers (Ms. Maria & Ms. Irma) help reinforce communication in both languages. 

Person of the Week


We learn best from each other. Each week a student shares artifacts from their personal and cultural lives, bringing learning of the world to life (with help from family members to teach songs, recipes, & more!). 

Weekly Newsletters


See what we are learning! These weekly newsletters contain information about our thematic curriculum, our person of the week, as well as home/school connections for learning and wellness.

Student Work


Our hallways and classroom proudly display our children's creativity and learning.

Support Our Learning!


We are grateful for donations to supplement items used in our classroom. Please click below to order requested items. (Coming soon!)