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Children of the World Learning Center

Multicultural Dual language preschool


Children of the World Learning Center

About Us

Our Vision


Children of the World Learning Center is offering shared learning opportunities for children and families of varied cultures, languages, and incomes leading to increased school readiness and accelerated language acquisition.  Our center will provide a quality program in a multi-cultural, dual language setting with the focus on 3 and 4 year olds.  At Children of the World Learning Center children will be nurtured in a loving, accepting Christian environment.

First-Rate Curriculum


Our teachers are trained to implement the practice of Creative Curriculum.   The Creative Curriculum for Preschool helps teachers build children’s confidence, creativity and critical thinking skills, and promote positive outcomes. 

Our Mission


We're a Christian-based organization offering a multicultural dual language,  preschool for families of varied incomes and cultures reflective of our diverse, vibrant communities in east Charlotte.

Our Staff



  Maria Cardarelli-  

My name is Maria Cardarelli. Since August, 2018, I have been the Program Administrator of Children of the World learning Center.

I was born in Venezuela to an immigrant family from Italy. I was blessed enough to be raised in a diverse household where I was able to spend time in both countries. I have been in the US for 23 years where I adopted a third culture into my life and learned my third language.

I am married, I have one daughter who is studying at UNC Chapel Hill. I have a Bachelor in Science and a Degree in Psychology with a specialization in Family and Childhood Therapy. I worked  for 15 years in Venezuela under that profession and continued my professional career here in the US focused on family, community and social support and that relationship to education. 

For 18 years I was part of the creative and pioneering team of the first preschool with a dual language program that focused on educational support for Latino immigrants families.

Today I was blessed again with the opportunity to guide the first Multicultural Preschool Program at Central United Methodist Church and be one of the leaders at Children of the World Learning Center.

My work is based on my professional ethics, treating people with dignity and equity, meeting them at whatever point they are, focusing on the abilities, strengths and respecting the diversity as a positive gain and not as a negative exclusion.

I read and use everyday a quote that Dr. Martin Luther King said;

‘We need leaders not in love with money but in love with justice. No in love with publicity but in love with humanity” 

Lead Teacher


Jill Henley-  

My name is Jill Henley. I live in Mint Hill, and I am a member, here, at Central United Methodist Church. I am a Girl Scout leader and Sunday School teacher. I like to hike and camp, and I play the flute. My husband, Matt, is a machinist. My daughters Emma (10), and Molly (7) stay busy with school, church, and communities activities. I have a dog named Brownie who likes to sit on my front porch and watch people all day.

I have a BA in Elementary education from UNC Chapel Hill, and a MA in Literacy, from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Certification at Western Carolina University.

Most of my teaching experience has been as a Kindergarten teacher in North Carolina and Colorado public schools. For the last few years, I have been a stay-at-home mom, and I have been working on Birth through Kindergarten certification at Western Carolina University. I am looking forward to putting my experience as a Kindergarten teacher to work, as I help our preschool children prepare to enter school.    

Teacher Assistant


  Irma Sandoval-  

My name is Irma Sandoval, I am the Teacher Assistant at Children of the World Learning Center. I am from México. I am married and have three beautiful children.

I graduated from Independence High School with a Certificate of Membership on Academic excellence and Competency in the area of early Childhood and have the North Carolina early Childhood Credential. I am working on my Associate’s Degree in early Childhood education at Central Piedmont Community College. I am bilingual and I have three year of experience working with a Dual language Program. I have been PTA Secretary at Idlewild Elementary School and Bible School Teacher for my Church.  

I love working with children and I am very committed to serve my community. 

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